Vaccination shot against hepatitis


Without everyone worried about HIV transmission, it is easy to forget that hepatitis (specifically hep-B) is a much stronger and virulent virus to worry about.

Fortunately, you *can* get protection against both hepatitis A and B! Check with your health insurance to see if it’s covered--otherwise, you might have to shell out $200 or so for both. There are two shots (injected a month apart) for hep-A, and three shots (injected over the course of six months) for hep-B. You are strongly urged to get protected if you are planning to get tattoos *OR* pierces on a regular basis.


A very small percentage of individuals react negatively to Hepatitis B vaccines, and could actually become ill from the vaccines themselves.


If you are contemplating getting vaccinated for Hep B, talk to your health care professional to weigh the risks against the benefits. Note: Not all health care professionals are apprised of the most current statistics on the adverse effects of Hep B vaccines.