The Tattoo Artist


Looking for an artist can be as easy as checking the Yellow Pages, or as complex as checking references, magazine photos. There are a number of ways to find good artists, including (but certainly not limited to):

  • --Perusing tattoo magazines. While not all tattoo magazines are of the National Geographic quality, the photos will speak for themselves. Some issues highlight specific artists’ works; a good way see the type of work someone does. Use the photos in the magazines to compare with those of the artist you are interested in. These magazines have done a lot to show what is *possible*.

    Some things to look for in magazines:

    • -Style (realistic, black & grey work, tribal, etc.)
    • -Placement on your body
    • -Ideas for images
    • -Size in proportion to your body
    • -Artists whose work you like.

  • --Attending a tattoo convention. Read the FAQ section on tattoo conventions for more information. You can approach this one of two ways.
You can either go to a shop because someone recommended the artist to you, or you can go in cold. For obvious reasons, you will have a little more information with you if you already know something about the artist. This may make you feel more at ease when going into a shop for the first time.