Pro and against arguments


Religion is generally against tattooing and against tattoos. As it is found in Leviticus on 19:28, it says : "I am the Lord" on you (example: don't take the name of the Lord in vain). So to sum all up it does not mention anything about marking yourself, also nothing about piercing. The text in the bible prohibits mutilating yourself for the sake of the dead. Keep in mind that it is wrong only if you are guided by evil when you do that and it is ok to do this as long as you have good intentions. According to the Talmud tattooing is not wrong, but what the tattoo is about (example if the new tattoo is a picture of a "god" when it could be just a tattoo design).

Many Christians want to get a tattoo and as many hadn't seen their dream come true because they thought getting a tattoo was a sin. Thinking about it, if you really believe that it is a sin, then it is. But is getting tattooed really a sin? If it draws you away from Christ or causes someone else to stumble, then yes. But tattooing isn’t any more special than anything else we distract ourselves with.

Take things in moderation at your speed. We are to deny ourselves of things if they cause us to lose sight of Jesus (for some, it could be driving a car, getting married, having children, going to work, smoking, abusing drugs & alcohol, disrespect, etc.). If you have good discernment, you know what distracts you from Christ and what doesn’t.

Tattooing isn’t inherently evil; it got it’s ‘evil’ status because GOD-less heathens from places like the South Pacific were tattooed. Do what pleases GOD; and one thing that pleases GOD is to be confident in oneself (not overly prideful, but confidence tempered with discernment, almost bordering on arrogance). Tattooing can bring out that confidence, because to be tattooed requires commitment.

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