Why want a tattoo?


You may decide to get a tattoo for many different reasons. Some of them might be: to please your partner, to belong to a group that has tattoos, because you want to be identified to a certain group, to show your independence or uniqueness.

All of the above are good reasons to get tattooed. But since a tattoo is permanent you should see yourself in 5, ten, or even twenty years. See yourself and what are you doing this far in time.

Let's say you might want to get tattoo of a feline tiger just because your partner: gf or boyfriend goes by the nickname of Tiger, and to top this off you like the way he/she does things like scratching your skin. Regarding the tattoo the question is: Do you think in five years you two will still be together? If the answer is not, then what memories will will that tattoo bring to you when you look at that tattoo? Those feelings could be bad or good, but the risk is there to have scar for life.

Other top reasons: You are a real tough guy and you want to get tattoos all over your muscles and arms just like Axel Rose or you want a tattoo because you feel different from others and want to show that. Considering all of the above think also about the future, your future job, your possible future life.. Would you be accepted or would this create problems.