Tattoo Alternative


A) For those who might not be ready for the plunge, but are seriously considering what it would look/feel like to have a tattoo we recommend this.

Temptu now has a web page at which describes their products. The following is from Roy at Temptu: “The rice paper temporary tattoo you...mention is made in New York by Temptu studios. It is a cosmetic ink printed on an archival cigarette-like tissue paper. Special cosmetic inks are then used to paint in the ‘tattoo.’ The result is totally realistic, waterproof, and longlasting (yep, up to 2 weeks!)

“This process was used in _Cape Fear_ on Robert de Niro, _Once Were Warriors_, and currently on Sean Penn at the end of _Dead Man Walking_. Also see Bruce Willis’ Head in _The 12 Monkeys_. It was invented by Dr. S. Zuckerman for the film _Tattoo_ (Bruce Dern/Maude Adams in 1981.

“Often we are asked to create at temporary tattoo for someone who wants to ‘test drive a tattoo,’ so they can decide on position, color, before deciding what and where. “Temptu primarily develops semi-permanent body art. Current interests include working on a ‘safe’ and legal line of tattoo inks, airbrush body art, and Indian Mehandi (henna). I work closely with the New York Body Archive, a strange and wonderful place!”

Roy adds one of comment: “I’m frequently asked about the six-month tattoo you mention in FAQ. East Coast people say it’s available in California. But this is bullsh*t. No such animal!”

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