Does getting a tattoo hurt?

As a first question of the FAQ we ask ourselves the above one because that is what people ask. The answer is an obvious yes. Having one or more needles pierce through your own skin hurts. The real question is How much does this hurt, and if you can handle that amount of pain. First the good news: this is not nearly bad as how you imagine it. The pain you will feel comes ofcourse from the cluster of many needles present on the tattooing machine that will pierce your skin rapidly. The sensation is as described, not like the pain from an injection shot but more in the lines of a constant vibration. You shouldn't worry to much about this because your body will release endorphins ( a natural pain killer). this will dullen the new pain significantly and quickly.

How much will hurt depends on where on the body you get the work done. It is more painful when you tattoo the part above bones (anklebone or collarbone, etc.) comparing to other areas. To top this off some types of tattoo needles hurt more than others do.

Overall keep this in mind, you want this done. How much pain you will feel depends on your overall attitude.

NOTE about getting a tattoo:

We suggest you do not drink alcohol in any way nor you take illegal drugs to forget pain before any tattoo session. Aspirin and alcohol only make things worse as any of the above will thin the blood this in turn will promote lots of bleeding. Taking aspirin slows down the healing process as well. In addition, artists do not appreciate dealing with drunks and is illegal in many states.